Team building and leadership development techniques

For the success of an organization, it is imperative to create and implement steps to achieve team work and develop leadership qualities. It is essential to invest in corporate team building activities because people with strong work relationships have higher levels of job satisfaction which positively impacts the way they work and perform.

Interactive activities foster understanding, tolerance, and mutual admiration between the team members. You can introduce your staff to team development and leadership enhancing activities any time you like. In case of a new team, such activities are a great help in breaking the ice and getting familiar with each other. For seasoned team members, team-building activities help in breaking the monotony of work and resolving conflicts.

Few team-building activities to foster team work

• Indoor team building games: indoor activities are best suited for small business set-ups, or when you want to stay in the office yet indulge in activities that help develop teamwork. Various indoor team-building games target specific issues for example the cooking challenge, where the team plans, creates, and presents a dish, together. This activity entails communication, division of work, and trusting each other. There are many other games and activities that may focus on issues like conflicts, communication gap, lack of coordination, etc.

• Outdoor team building activities: These are more elaborate and high scale games. For example, the biking challenge, where the teams have to put together various parts to create a bike; or a friendly cricket match, and many more such activities that constitute exciting and useful outdoor team building activities, that can address several important issues, while everyone has fun!

Leadership development – key to a successful team

Every organization must understand the importance of a strong leader who leads the team. The team leader is not only responsible for the team’s success and failure but also for maintaining unity among the team.

Many organizations consider leadership workshops as an effectual method of promoting leadership qualities in a person. Leadership development programs or various leadership courses in Dubai have various activities and exercises that enhance and polish leadership skills.

Organizing leadership workshops occasionally gives the leaders a reason to take a break and also relearn the techniques of leading a team successfully. With the right leadership development programs, every team in the organization will be guided and steered by a competent leader.

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