How to advertise a salon

Marketing and advertising are like sugar, the more you add, the tastier it will be. Even though, some people may not like too much sugar but this is the only type of sweet that you will love. Every business, old or new needs rigorous marketing and advertising. According to the worldwide business discussion forums, if you opened a gent salon in business bay today, you will be making at least half a million dirhams within the matter of 2 years or less.

We have seen the world’s best barber in Dubai making more than a grand in a day. That is because they have so many clients coming in for haircuts or just for regular hair and beard maintenance. This also means that if you are looking for a good standing career, you can become a barber. You will love this business because you have to do very minimal work as the main work will be done by barbers and stylists. If you have opened a salon or wanting to open a salon, you will need to market for it and below, you will read about the ideas of doing it.

Offer Referral Discounts: if you have app for doing it then it is best and if you don’t have an app then you can ask a customer to send it more customers with their name reference and they friends will get discounts. And if they do so, on their next appointment, they too will get a discount. This attracts many people.

Paid Social Media Ads: this is the most powerful thing now a days. All you have to do is make an attractive ad and post on social media, boost it by paying for it and you will see hundreds of people liking and asking for services every day.

Make a Short Video: this video should be about the before and after transformation of clients. You need to consent with the clients and post a video, also boost this video as same of the ad and see people coming your salon.

Giveaways: if a customer comes in for more than one service, give him a giveaway like a shirt or a cap or a cup with your company name and logo on it.

Special Discounts: if you have some really loyal customers, give them a special discount every now and then.

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