FAQs About Storage Companies

There are so many people who ask questions no matter how dumb they are and there are people who are always shy to ask even the question that should be asked. As children, we ask a lot of questions and as we start to grow, most of the people skip asking stuff. There have been so many times that we go into an office for getting some sort of services and we skip the questions that we have in mind.

And sometimes, these are important since you are spending a lot of money. If you are about to hire Dubai movers and packers for the first time then we know that you will have a lot of questions in mind.

There are so many moving and packing companies who also work as storage companies in Dubai. It is obvious that the people who want their stuff to be packed and moved in new homes, they have stuff that needs to be kept at a temporary place. And that is why people look for companies who have both services under one name. This also means that it becomes more confusing. And below, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about storage companies.

Q: how do you keep your storage facility secure?

Ans: the company should be able to tell you about the type of cameras that they are using and what kind of security guards that they have.

Q: who else can visit my storage unit?

Ans: you have to be very precise about who you recommend. The person who will be visiting your storage will be the one whom you allowed. You will be giving that person’s id card copy, latest picture and some other documents as well.

Q: how can I contact the management at urgent basis?

Ans: the company should be able to give you a hotline number or the number of the managing staff.

Q: what can I store in my storage unit?

Ans: you can store anything that does not breathes and even if it is a plant.

Q: do you have weather controlled / environment-controlled storage units?

Ans: the best storage facility will have different kinds of storage units. They will have the ones that are way too cold for keeping stuff that needs cold environment, they will also have storage units that are moist free etc.

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